Our programs are designed to create a welcoming space for everyone - from our intro classes for first day students to our advanced training for competing athletes, and everything in between, we have a class for everyone.


Introductory Sessions

The Basics:
Start your Muay Thai experience with a small group session, limited to three people at a time, with one of our trainers. They will go over the basics of stance, common strikes and everything that you need to get started and go to group classes. We offer a package of an intro session and a trial group class for $20. Please contact us with questions or click the link above to to get started today for more information and to schedule your Intro Session. These sessions are held Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm, Tuesdays and Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 11am - if none of those times is convenient for you please contact us about other possible times.

Beginners Classes

Strong Foundations:
These sessions are for students who have completed the introductory program and are ready to join group sessions. The focus in these classes is on the most basic skills necessary for Muay Thai with attention paid to developing not only movement and technique but also pad holding skills. These classes provide great workouts while also learning basic strikes and internalizing the big picture concepts of the sport.

Intermediate Classes

New Concepts:
These classes are for people who have developed their basic training and pad holding techniques. More attention is paid to refining their skills and an understanding of putting together smaller ideas into a more developed language of the sport. In these sessions attention is paid to perfecting techniques learned in Beginners Classes as well as introducing defensive skills, clinch work and light sparring.

All Levels Classes

All For One:
These classes are open to all students who have completed the introductory program. Focus is paid to building skills overseen by an instructor who will help students develop based on where they are in the learning process. These classes are also a great workout and help students build their cardio capacity and develop strength. We ask more advance students who come to these classes to be on hand to help out with newer students so they can benefit from their experience.



Ring Ready
Students who have put in substantial time in the program and have an interest in competing can ask about joining these classes. These are open to our most advanced students who either wish to compete or wish to train at the intensity of those who do. Admission to these sessions is completely at the direction of the head instructor. For those interested in competing we have a dedicated staff member who looks for events and tournaments for our members to participate in.

Women’s Classes

No Nonsense Training
Our Women’s program is run by co-owner and instructor Marissa Barr-Hartman. This program creates an environment that is just as rigorous as the other programs and encourages participants to embrace a place where they can be aggressive, take up space and learn at the same time. Classes are held at a variety of times during the week in order to accommodate a variety of lifestyles and schedules.

Kids Program

Building Confidence
We accept students as young as 6 years old to begin learning Muay Thai, discipline and self-confidence in a fun environment that is free from screens and other digital distractions. Kids not only learn the basics of the sport but also are given an environment to grow and learn. We discourage sideline coaching from parents and try to create a safe environment for kids to learn independence and self confidence.

Private and Small Group Lessons

Accelerated Learning
Please contact us for rates and availability for private one on one lessons as well as small group lessons for 6 or fewer people.

What You Need To Bring For Your First Class

All you need for your first time is either shorts or leggings and a t-shirt. We workout barefoot so no specialty footwear is needed. Everything else will be provided for you. While enrolled students need to have their own equipment we have plenty of well maintained and clean loaner equipment for your first trip here. Before you decide to invest in gloves or specialty equipment come down and see if this is for you. Once you have enrolled we ask students to wear Thai shorts as they are not only the most practical for the sport but also helps students feel connected to the culture. We ask students not to wear T-Shirts or apparel with explicitly offensive images or text to maintain a welcoming environment (yes this is subjective, but we can all do our best in this department).